So, apparently I have (unfortunately) missed not one but two challenge journals this semester (yeah I suck). So…….stay tuned for my second post of the day later :~)

This post will be primarily to tell you all that I. AM. DONE. I am done!!!!!!! I literally cannot believe that I made it out alive if I am going to be honest with you. This semester long journey has been the hardest of my entire life but I could not have made it without my fellow Capstone friends and T. We did it guys!

Here is the link to my site if anyone is interested:

It has made significant changes even since the last time you all saw it (I think a week ago) but I am so proud of where it has come and SO thankful for the feedback I received along the way. I will give you a little walk through:

  • First, I have the landing page which is obviously titled “Čudnata, the miracle” as you all already know. I took the texts off and included just one quote from my dad, which I think looks a whole lot cleaner than it did before.
  • Next, I have the about section. In the “About the Project,” I have included my intro essay. It morphed from talking about coping and escaping to really integrating the MiW experience for me. I talk about how dance and writing have always been huge parts of my life–loving dance because of the passion it allowed me to feel and loving writing at first through the art of simply being considered “good” at it. I then give short snapshot into the story I present on the site and connect that to how the minor has evolved into being so much more than just a boost of my Language Arts endorsement and how though I originally thought this would be a means for me to help other people, it has really just helped me. My “About the Author” page follows 🙂
  • Next, I have put into one tab “My Story,” where I house all portions of my project. This seems to be significantly cleaner on the site and I really like having a landing page so people can choose to look at the narrative, the choreography || poem, or the photo journey first.
  • The narrative (Near Stillness) has been what I would probably consider my life’s work and is presented as a flip through of 12 chapters. I can’t even express to you the amount of times this semester I had to sit down and just cry about it because it was so hard to write. Even last Monday, knowing the amount of other things I had to do on top of editing the narrative (a whole bitch of 35 single spaced pages in itself), I just came home and cried for like 20 minutes right after our last class. But, having finally come up with a finished product I am extremely proud of, I have decided to pursue making a 65 page novella of it through blurb! I am really excited to see how that turns out and plan on giving copies to my mentors, significant people in my story, and my parents (and you of course, T!)
  • The poem and the choreography (Body, Limited) blossomed into something much more than I could have imagined over the span of the semester. I was so set on having the poem influence the choreography after being influenced by the narrative, but being sidelined by how long the narrative turned out to be, I had to switch my order up a bit. The choreography actually came the first out of everything, and it portrays a straight on recording of my dear friend Anna breathing through my piece. I LOVE how it turned out. The poem was intentionally made indirectionally (not a word but I made it a word for this purpose) and is supposed to be read however feels natural to the reader.
  • The photo journey as you know, has captions and pieces to bring the story to life!
  • The “Background” tab now includes the original inspiration (the OG Google Doc), the downloadable version of Near Stillness, the Mentors, and Resources.

Whew. I almost had to breathe after typing all that. I am SO proud of where this has taken me, and as I say in my About the Author, I truly believe that life has destination points. Upon completion of my Capstone, my culmination of the Minor in Writing, I am at a new place and extremely happy to be here. Would love if you checked out my site when you have a chance to breathe over break! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for this semester, it meant the whole world to me.

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