Confessions from a Flake

I’m a lot of things. Loving son. Yellow-lab enthusiast. List-maker. But unfortunately, I’m also a flake. Every squad has at least one. I’m sure you’re picturing your flake right now. Now, the traditional usage of flake is someone that dips out of plans right before they happen. Now, there are many flavors of flake. I wouldn’t say that I’m one that flakes out of plans with friends (I am, but I’m not going to say it). I’m a self-flake. I’m the kind of guy that will make a big declaration, and then do nothing about it. I’m gonna start watching T.V. in Spanish, I’m gonna try listening to KPop. I’m gonna practice writing with my left hand so I can become ambidextrous. The end result: nada. This isn’t a hard and fast law with me, but it’s definitely an alarming trend that has scientists puzzled.

Thus, when I planned on making a rap song for my semester project, a betting man would’ve called this a flake-in-the-making. Well, that betting man is gonna have to tell his family he lost a lot of money, because I actually followed through! The project is completed and out on my EPortfolio (Click the link to check it out. Please, I need traffic so I can start putting ads). This project has honestly helped me understand how to take a project from start to finish. I think part of the reason I flake out on stuff is because the initial planning stage is usually so rose-colored that when the hard work kicks in it feels like the worst kind of grind. Realism is definitely a helpful tool for a writer, and hopefully I can carry that to my future projects.

My last big takeaway from this semester I that writing can actually be a hobby, and not just schoolwork. I know that there are plenty of people that write for fun, but I never really thought of myself as one. When I wrote, I wrote essays. Some were good, some were bad, but all were grindy. Writing lyrics for this song were completely different. It was engaging and extremely rewarding without even resembling work. I’m gonna try and recreate that energy in my future pieces, and I know that my readers will be able to feel it.

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