Course Eval

Like everything in my life, I waited till the last minute. One thing I forgot to do in the haze of it all was the course evaluation. I frequently forget to do these, as I feel like response bias leads me to only submit responses if I feel strongly in one way or another about a course. In this course, I unfortunately did not submit one. I appreciated this course on a level that may not have been evident by my work or by my statements everyday in class. Writing 220, and the minor in writing program as a whole, has helped me open up an understanding of myself I did not have before. As a public Policy student, I try to avid the moral hazard that frequently befalls my fellow policy students, which usually centers around talking aggressively and ad nausea about an issue, but failing to have anything come out of the talk. In Writing, we put the rubber to the road to say, and even in situations where the bare minimum comes out of a conversation or debate, a written statement that is usable is a lot more palatable in the long run than a good talk among undergrad students, however helpful it was.

The course was structured well, but there could be a little more in the way of clarity regarding expectations. I understand that writing is not a “gradeable” subject in the way that math or science is, but there is still a 3.3 GPA requirement for this minor, and being zero percent done with the project 2 weeks before it’s due with 7 blog poss left to write is a little nerveracking.

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