Dear Minor in Writing

Dear Minor in Writing,

Well old friend, it has come time for us to finally part. It feels like just yesterday that I was applying to Sweetland as a young freshman, sitting nervously in my 9×12 dorm room in Fletcher Hall awaiting my acceptance. Now today, I have just finished the culmination of that very minor, my Capstone project (and plan on submitting it ASAP when my annotated bibliography is done—in due time, I swear).

When I applied to the minor, my original goal was to explore something outside of my major of Elementary Education, but also be able to obtain something that could be used within my major. I wanted to be able to enhance my Language Arts endorsement to use my love of writing for good, to help students learn to love writing as much as I have. I wanted students to love writing not only because they could get an A on a paper, but because it gave them a gateway for escaping, a place they felt safe. I even considered after getting accepted into the program changing my major to Secondary Education, with a focus in English, so that I could primarily help students to apply to college, similarly to how many of my teachers helped me in high school. Writing is where I learned to use my voice, and I wanted to share it with others to help them find their own.

This summer, as we all know, I took a Birthright trip to Macedonia. Through a wild change of plans, I obtained a severe injury that caused a lot to be taken from me. Going into this first semester of my senior year, I almost quit. I was so close to giving up the minor for the sake of my injury. I was so close to not doing it. But I am so glad I didn’t, because I would have been very sorry about it today. I mostly didn’t give it up, though I was encouraged to by many, because I had already worked so hard to allow the School of Education to let me get a LSA minor. I wanted to do it for the future students of the SOE, to inspire them to get a minor if they wanted to (it is pretty uncommon).

But, as the semester progressed, I was surprised but how much the work I was doing was influencing my healing process. I had always been a dancer, someone who chose to escape through movement. Having dance be one of my many limitations at this point, I had to latch onto something else as a means of escaping, a means of coping. And completing this project has given me a sense of peace in this personal trauma, but I know I still have a long ways to go. Yet, I am feeling some closure by the pride I have already felt by being challenged by this project, and succeeding in completing it (I’m not even joking in that I really thought I wouldn’t). But it is done, and I thank the minor, my Capstone colleagues, and the MiW for that.

So with this last signing off, I thank you, Minor in Writing for challenging me, bringing me amongst some of the most brilliantly different yet commonly connected people, showing me that my voice is important, bringing my story to life, and helping me find myself. Thank you for making this one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you.


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