Designing My Site: Image Selection

I knew from the beginning that the visual component of my project would be incredibly important, but I was never exactly sure of the direction I would take. Honestly, the design of my homepage started as somewhat of a joke: a placeholder until I could think of something better. Interestingly enough, I ended up really liking what I had created (the engagement ring & storm cloud backdrop) because it gave my site the sense of lightheartedness I was aiming for. Obviously this topic is important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the entire semester writing about it, but I also never wanted to appear judgmental or preachy, so I knew that implementing some form of comic relief (not sure if that term applies here, but I’m going with it) to encourage readers to see my posts as conversational, as if talking to a friend, instead of as a list of criticisms and instructions on how people should behave. Because I decided to keep my mock-up home page, I started playing around with a black and white color scheme. As you can see on my sight, there are pops of color, but for the most part I maintained a grey-ish hue throughout my pages. This can be seen particularly well in the images I selected for my blog posts, which are all black and white. Honestly, I didn’t even realize this was the direction I’d be going in because it was only by chance that the first two images I selected were black and white, but as I continued designing my page, I realized I really liked the aesthetic I had created. This was also very easy to maintain because if I found a picture I wanted to use that was in color (like the digital clock for my “Ru up?” blog post), I simply converted it to black and white; an incredible quick and simple fix! In terms of my images’ content, they’re all pretty self-explanatory because they all reflect exactly what my blog post is about (i.e. my post about Snapchat has a picture of the Snapchat logo). The only post that was a little difficult to find an image for was “Thing (n)…,” but I got really lucky and found an image I loved when scrolling through my Instagram feed one day. Not only did I love the message by itself, but it also fit perfectly with my content! Additionally, there was one image that was incredible important to me to include: my grandparents’ wedding photo. My grandmother was actually the one who inspired me to write about this topic. Every Tuesday we would talk on the phone, and every week she would ask me “so are you dating anyone??” (as Italian grandmothers tend to do). I would always laugh and tell her that dating these days isn’t what it was when she was growing up, and she would always say “well when you find a guy as great as your grandfather, keep him.” My grandparents loved each other more than any couple I’ve ever seen. They were high school sweethearts, and celebrated their 60th anniversary just a month before my grandmother passed away. She used to tell me stories about the dates they would go on, and how well he treated her, and as happy I was to hear these stories, it made me realize how different relationships are today. The best way to describe their relationship was genuine and pure, which is something I can’t say about any relationship I’ve had yet, but is something I hope to have one day. Given this extreme disparity, as well as my desire to honor my grandmother, I knew that their wedding photo would be essential to my site, even if no one else understood the significance behind it.

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