I am a strong believer in signs.

During the second stage of the capstone process, I began to panic. It was time to choose ONE project pitch and turn it into a project proposal, yet I was still madly in love with each one of my ideas. I had absolutely zero clue how I was going to possibly pick only one of them. It was not until I heard a sermon given at Hillel on campus that I finally came to a decision. I was waiting and waiting for something to pull me towards one of my ideas, and this sermon was the sign I had been waiting for.

The sermon discussed the reality that social media has caused our society to lose our true selves, and ignore what actually matters in life. I have always wanted to change my social media and technology habits, but have never had enough motivation to do so. The combination of this speech and this capstone project were the motivation that I had been lacking.

That being said, my advice to future capstone students would be to not come into the semester with a set idea of exactly what you want to do for your capstone project. In my opinion, it is much better to approach this class with an open mindset, because you never know what other people or experiences will influence you to do.

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