(Author’s note: I’m officially 5% fluent in Danish, according to DuoLingo, so I’m trying to practice Danish every chance I get.)

With my project presented, pizza consumed, and a couple sad goodbyes now behind me, I can finally say, “Oh my god, it’s over.”

This semester has been a whirlwind. The first month or so was pretty slow, as I got into a routine. But then, as the leaves fell from the trees (taking my STRAT and ACC grades with them, tbh) everything got so much faster! I was reading my old posts (and also making sure I wrote enough of them because I solidly recall a point in November where I forgot that blogging existed and was a thing I was supposed to be doing) and some of them felt like they’d been written just yesterday!

Crazy how quickly life is moving.

I’m going to miss my class a lot. It was the smallest class I’ve ever had at U of M, so we were able to get really close. I’ll miss the workshops and I’ll miss T. I’ll miss grabbing falafel before class, and I’ll miss making the trek to East Quad from north campus.

The capstone course told me just how important collaboration and critiques are to the writing process. Before, I would usually just skim over my work and hope that everything was fine. Now, after realizing just how important it is to have many pairs of eyes look at your work, I’m more grateful than ever to have such amazing classmates. I know that, should I do any cool writing projects in the future (which I know I’ll have many in ENG 223 next semester) that my friends are some of my most valuable resources. To my classmates, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for laughing at my jokes, and thank you for telling me to fix my spacing and buttons. (I’m not the most design-conscious person.)

Catch y’all later!

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