Following a Writer: Billy Bush

Just yesterday, Billy Bush spoke out against President Trump’s denial of his horrifyingly offensive, sexist comments—you know, the one where he said, “Grab ‘em by the pussy.” Billy Bush himself was there to hear the comments, he even admits that he “laughed along.” But he writes this piece to distance himself from the President—to highlight how he, Billy, was no longer on the wrong side of history. A changed man, if you will.

I respect Billy Bush for coming out of his silence and speaking up for women’s rights. I do. But the tone of his language—the simplistic way in which he mansplains sexual assault—seems belittling. And he says that he was “highly critical of the idea of a Trump presidency.” But why didn’t he criticize Trump during his overtly sexist, horrifyingly perverted stand-up routine in 2005?

And why are we just starting to listen now? Why when he who enabled it 12 years ago speaks up, we suddenly feel ready to take this issue seriously? Us women have never doubted that “this is not a women’s issue.” We’ve known that all along. It is you, Billy, who needed that wake-up call.


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