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This marks my graduation from Writing 220. Next stop: capstone (actually though, I’m a mutant and already took all my MiW courses before I was a MiW).

Reflecting on the semester and all it’s taught me, I feel that I’ve learned to appreciate writing in another genre. As I wrote in my synthetic essay, I hated the experimentation process. Being forced to write in another genre made me feel restricted. I didn’t know how to write in new genres, and I wasn’t willing to learn.

Or so I thought. I only told myself that I wasn’t willing to learn because I wasn’t comfortable. In reality, however, it is because I was willing to to learn that I feel that I grew as a writer between September and now. I take pride in having written, and while I did not enjoy the process, feel that I learned that my favorite genre should not be my go-to genre.

As a result, I want to continue to harness a dependence on other genres, and this willingness to explore. It isn’t easy considering the potential in other genres when you could be writing in your go-to genres. But, it is necessary, because ultimately, my go-to genres aren’t always going to be the most appropriate. It’s like a having an expanded tool box. I appreciate having all the tools there, in case I need them. Some tools may be more expensive than others, and more difficult to use than others, but in case I need them, I know they’re there.

And that’s how I feel about genres.

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