Let’s change the stigma.

Politics. It’s taboo, haven’t you heard? You are never suppose to talk about it with anyone, and if you do you are just asking for trouble. Alright, lets rewind. Let’s change this ridiculous notion that we can’t have meaningful conversation with people without hurting their feelings.

In a world that is constantly evolving and changing in ways we may not have always hoped, it is time to break out of our shells and start to talk to one another about these issues. I am not saying you need to be particularly “woke”, but it may be time, for lack of a better term, to start giving a shit. Every single day, it feels like another liberty or group of people is being attacked, and to be quite honest I, along with many, am sick of it. But aren’t I just one person, aren’t I just a liberal snowflake? Yes, yes I could be these things – but by continuing to not speak out about issues and engage with those who are different than me, I will continue to get nowhere.

It’s time – time to start discussing and listening to one another. It’s time to start hearing what we ALL have to say. Yes I am looking at you, whether you are a conservative, liberal, independent, or honestly do not even know what politics are. Start learning about where you stand on the issues and start talking about it with your peers. Make your voice heard. And honestly, do it soon. Before it’s too late.

Here is the link to a fun website where I go more into the issue: https://msanghvi.wixsite.com/letslisten


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