Moving Forward in the Minor

With the conclusion of gateway comes the next step down my path of the writing minor. I will be enrolling in professional writing next semester, which is a class I look forward to especially as someone who plans on going into a career in public policy. This course will hopefully teach me applicable skills to my work, and will help me with my professional writing skills, which are crucial to my career prospects in any field I hope to enter, especially those in the public policy arena. Coincidentally, my major requires two upper level writing courses on policy, so the proposed changes in the minor requirements will not only help me, but will greatly improve my ability to engage with the material I do have to take, as I will not have to bend my own coursework as much to fit arbitrary requirements. This will help me develop my own policy skills, as well as the writing skills needed to do well in my career. Finally, I hope to take capstone next year to complete the requirements of the minor. I am very excited for what this will hold moving forward, and think that I will do well in the rest of the program.

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