Polished but Not Finished

This blog post is dedicated to my Eportfolio that while is not finished, is ready to be seen. The website features a landing page of downtown Des Moines, Iowa, where I interned this past summer. Throughout the website, one can find my works of trying to summarize the experience in three separate genre experiments, each producing a new perspective than the others. It was through these experimentations that I learned how much one mode of communication can vary from another. While my immersive journalism piece offered a detailed look into the office of a company, a short film screenplay was able to show audiences information that would have been potentially rude to write about.

This semester has offered me a chance to explore my own summer experience by interacting with different genres and mediums of expression. Each afforded me the ability to tell the story in a powerful way due to the conventions of that genre. They also, however, limited my message in some way due to the very same reason. This push and pull situation forced me as a writer (and reader) to consider in depth the rhetorical choices I made when experimenting.

Take a look at my website if you get a chance. I would like to personally thank whatever database gave me the old pictures of Des Moines through Google images.



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