Possible alternative topics

After the thrilling conclusion of my gateway project, I have been thinking about other things that would have been interesting to write about, and what that would have entailed from a writing perspective. I understand that part of the gateway centered around revisiting an old work and work shopping it, but some subjects of interest to me have no old work that I can fall back on for inspiration. I really was hoping to write at some point about my veganism, and how that effects my outlook on life, but I have not done that in the past. It could be an interesting subject to look at for the capstone, but I do not know how that would work in the context of he capstone project. This was an interesting restriction on our subject matter, as the final work I produced was not very similar to the original work at all, so knowing that the basic direction on which we were expected to go was unclear. I would love to write a work in the future about things that are new topics for me, but that did not happen here.

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  1. Hi Kevin! I would be very curious to see what everyone would’ve written about had the final project not been based on previous content. What was so special about everyone’s work was that it was completely indistinguishable from the original pieces. One thing we all saw was the progression of our content, and how much everything transformed throughout the semester. Your idea regarding veganism is exciting! It is something many people are curious about. It would also be cool to compare your own habits with that of the rest of the population. Looking forward to what’s next!

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