Semester Reflections

When I applied to the Minor in Writing, I had essentially zero expectations for what to expect. Naturally, I figured my experience in the Writing Minor would be equivalent to my experience in any other minor at Michigan. I had never heard of these “Capstone” or “Gateway” courses. Nor was I familiar with the concept of developing my own website. Within the first Gateway course, I realized that whatever expectations I did have were far from true. The Minor in Writing gives you what many students desire, and many others fear — freedom. You are free to put in as little or as much effort as you choose. One of my experiments was nearly 20 pages, and the next was just about 5. It was my choice to stay up late at night editing my Wix website, which offered more opportunities for me to choose. I chose which colors I wanted to incorporate, which themes I wanted to use, and what topic I wanted to write about. It was through this freedom that I was able to grow as an individual, as a student, and as a writer.

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