Semester Reflections

I was extremely apprehensive when I heard that this was going to be an experimental course with no focus on grades. I think we all were- we have been programmed to create work that will receive satisfactory grades, not to create work that teaches us something new about ourselves. Upon reflection, this was incredibly helpful for my development as a writer.

It would be hard describe this course to someone else because the experience is different for everyone. Even when talking to the other members of my cohort, we completed our projects with completely different timelines and goals in mind. My advice to someone taking the course would be to do your work ahead of time. I often fell behind which caused me to rush. I think that some of my works could have been higher quality had I given myself more time to review and revise.

I’m incredibly happy with my final project and its potential to be a work in progress in the future. Although I don’t know what to expect from it, I’m looking forward to the capstone course because I’ll be able to come in with an open mind and will hopefully take my own advice to get my work done ahead of time.

One thought to “Semester Reflections”

  1. Matisse, one of the most interesting points you bring up was how everyone had different goals throughout the semester. I think this was one of the best parts about being in Gateway. We were able to explore our content without having to worry about class restrictions or guidelines. In that regard, we were privileged to have so much freedom. At times this freedom was intimidating. We had to hold ourselves accountable for putting in as much effort as we felt was necessary. In the end, the harder I worked in the experiments, the easier it was for the final project. This is a piece of advice I would pass on to future Writing Minors.

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