Time flies

Wow— where did the time go!? The beginning of capstone feels like yesterday. I remember feeling overwhelmed, lost (which is completely normal for all of you future capstone students) but excited all at the same time.  However, there was a downside to my excitement. I was equally excited about each one of my project pitches. Four ideas that I wanted to follow through on, and only time to choose one. Indecisiveness has always been a flaw of mine, so alternating back and forth between which pitch I thought I was going to choose was definitely part of my process. Which again, is completely normal and almost to be expected.

Before beginning this course, I was most concerned with the lack of ideas that I had for my project. Little did I know, the biggest problem that I encountered was having too many ideas! There was something about each one of my pitch’s that was meaningful to me, which made it extremely hard to let go of the three that I did not choose to pursue. If only there were time to do them all…


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