Tracking an Author

Been a little under the weather and tired of writing essays so I decided to listen to a podcast by Margaret Talbot. It is a piece from 2010 on Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest titled “Sex by Surprise.” The first thing they discuss is the Sweedish rape charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Margaret gives a short summary of the events. She describes the charges were ambiguous and not really traditional assault–instead they use the Sweedish term “sex by surprise.” The first two charges revolve around consensual sex but that Assange did not want to wear a condom or get STD tested; the third charge involved him having sex with a woman while she was asleep.

Talbot thinks that the people might be all suspicious, because of the conspiracy-laden world the women live in based on their understanding. All members of the podcast agree that it might have just been a loose claim to hold Assange on some charges so they didn’t have to track him down.

Interesting account of American perceptions of rape policies that are far more strict than the ones in the US.

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