Tracking an Author

After many Margaret Talbot searches, New York Times recommended to me an article in its opinion section called “The #MeToo Stories We’re Not Hearing.” After Time named the Silence Breakers 2017’s Person of the year and having personally participated in the movement, I decided the article was worth a try.

The first thing I noticed was that the author was a man, which was interesting because he only wrote about female victims. The female victims he talked about were women who had experienced sexual violence, protected themselves in someway, and ended up being incarceration for their actions. He describes that while some of the stories do get recognized through celebrities and viral hashtags, there are many more similar stories that are never heard. He quotes one of the victims who powerfully states “Abuse is protected by silence.”

#MeToo has been a mass national reckoning of rape and sexual abuse. I, like many women, have learned (often through experience) that I am not safe. I have learned to be vigilant when I walk home at night, when I accept attention or conversation in a public place, and even when I am in my home. And someday, I am going to have to teach my daughter how to do the same things–how to toe the line between the woman’s responsibility of “prevention” and the expectation of feminine warmth and sociability. It is sad that I’ve become so jaded!

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