Truth About Writing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this semester, it’s writing about truth. Writing about what’s real, and making it the best evidence a writer can have to substantiate her claims. In this ePortfolio, it’s a compilation of a lot of original content, which I value a lot in being able to take away from this class.

More than ever, I want to continue to grow my ability to create a message that lasts, both professionally and creatively, in all senses. I’m definitely not playing around with my writing. To articulate in shorter, more concise sentences. To be more honest on what I hate, and what I like. That being said, I hope I can add a lot more original content that will prove to readers the value of writing has for everyone, and the value it has for me as a skillset to forever hone to this ePortfolio all the way to the capstone.

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