Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad

I am never good with introductions, so I thought I’d start with something that has basically been consuming my life for the past 24 hours (other than trying to find out the name of a song to which no one seems to know.) The movie Elf seems to be influencing my life a lot lately — I was interviewing someone yesterday and he brought it up, and the title is also my a go-to goodbye for a lot of my friends at work — so I thought what better way to start off an introduction?

Other than this past week though, Elf hasn’t really affected my life all that much, so I now have to somehow figure out a transition from that to telling you about my life. I kind of feel like that was a good enough transition though, so here are a few quicks hits about me (formatted for easy digestion):

  • I grew up in White Pigeon, Michigan (a village of 1,500 people in southwest Michigan)
  • I love sports (especially gymnastics and hockey #LGRW)
  • I’m re-reading the Percy Jackson books because they are GOLD and no one can fight me on that
  • My favorite colors are green and blue
  • I have red hair (which is literally the coolest thing about me, less than 2% of the world’s population has red hair ALSO it’s a genetic mutation along with blue eyes which I also have so basically I am a genetically-mutated gem)

*As a side note, I tried to post the video of the song I’m trying to find but unfortunately another fun fact about me is that I’m not exactly tech-savvy, so that will have to wait for another day.

3 thoughts to “Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad”

  1. It is funny how Elf really can play an impact on somebody’s life. I constant walk into doors, like to spin around the turnstiles until I’m dizzy, and am on the hunt to find world’s best bagel (not exactly coffee but it’ll do). Basically, I think I’m Buddy the Elf. I really am concerned about this song you tried to play– but I really hope you do figure it out.

  2. Laney, I really like your non-transition, transition. Also, the Percy Jackson series was my favorite series from sixth grade through about my sophomore year of high school. I think there might be a website out there to help you find your song. Did you try using Shazam?

  3. Very glad to have a fellow redhead in the class as there’s strength in numbers. My favorite colors are also green and blue, and my best friend (also a redhead) shares our favorite colors too, so maybe that’s a thing? Percy Jackson is a national treasure and should be regarded as such.

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