Challenge Journal 1: Genre

One of my struggles this week was deciding on the genre for my Capstone project. I know what topic I want it to be and, generally, its purpose–a reflection of my time in my a cappella group (though audience(s) and ‘research’ question are still in-progress, too)–however I was struggling on how to best approach my chosen medium of a video. One of the big pieces of my project is a video of a song I am arranging and teaching to my group, so video is important to capturing the sound and mood of the piece (just audio wouldn’t capture my planned choreography, nor any other performance aspects of the performance, like singers’ facial features).

For inspiration, I looked back at a video of the Men’s Glee Club (embedded below). I was in the club when this was filmed but, sadly, unavailable for the shoot. However, the video is very similar to what I want to do. It examines the context of the highlighted piece, the perspectives of those involved, and it situates the piece in the greater context of the art world. I want to do that for my project. It also gives a prime example of a genre I can borrow from; however, I’m still debating on whether I want my project’s tone to be so professional or if I want it to be less professional and more intimate (as was my original intention for the project) or, even, to lighten it up with something like this.

I guess what I’m most struggling with right now is how to balance (a) my original desire for this to be a reflective, relatively-serious piece, (b) my (very) limited videography skills, which may limit the tone, and (c) a conscientiousness for my audience, as I know that a project that’s too personal would be off-putting to those not part of my target audience (which, again, begs the question of what my audience is! Is it myself, my a cappella group, potential auditionees, the art critic world? What do you think is most prudent?)


(EDIT: I realize that the above videos probably don’t qualify as something that I’ve done in the past, though I do vividly remember the Glee Club making the video. However, I can add in one more logical link. I also looked back on my Remediation from the Gateway, which helped jog my memory of various other video formats I’ve been a part of. To make the link more direct, these videos are one of the reasons that I’m hesitant to do a more professional tone because these ones–which are not professional–were many, many hours of work without fancy videography, and with that added learning curve it’s not reasonable to expect high professionalism. People work full-time on these types of videos and they still take them weeks or months!)

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