Challenge Journal: My writing rituals

Writing doesn’t come naturally for me until I have settled on a topic/argument. What do I do when I’m not yet inspired? I run. I run as fast as I can and picture the problems and worries of the day filtering out of my brain.

I suppose what running allows me to do is analyze and accept things that are clouding my creativity, and let them go. Sometimes these conflicts and problems fuel my imagination and become part of my argument (or story, depending on the genre) in my writing. Some might say that my problems shouldn’t mix themselves into my writing, but I disagree; why not write about the things that are at the forefront of my mind? The trials and tribulations that keep me up at night and make me wonder “why, why, why?” can drive me to create my very best (not to mention meaningful) work.


I often find myself writing at night between the hours of 7pm and 1am (yes, I happen to be a night person). There is something comforting knowing that everyone around me is in a state of rest at that hour, so I can calm my mind and allow my brain to wonder and wander. I love looking outside at the street lamps and the moon, or at the peach-scented candle I sometimes light beside me. I love to wrap myself in heavy blankets on my bed and let my fingers work speedily on the keyboard. These warm and cozy feelings both inside and out (referred to as “hygge” by Scandanivians) allow me to concentrate and prepare my ideas to flow.

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