Challenge Journal – Rituals

After reading Tharp’s take on rituals, I am now very clear on the importance of all rituals to the creative and writing process. I have always tried to have some form of a ritual in place to help me write: be in a quiet room, clear my mind, and just start making my fingers move, whether I have something to say yet or not. However, I do believe I usually take for granted the creative experience. As I can imagine many people have a similar thought process of, “Oh it will just come to me…I’ll write when I have an idea” I believe that these rituals are a way to speed up that process and put yourself in a position to come up with significant ideas on the spot.

One of the biggest challenges I have when I begin to write is simply picking the topic of what I am going to write about. I think back to my time I spent in SAC 210, when we were first assigned to write our 10 page screenplay. I was so excited about this opportunity, but simply could not decide on what to write about. I remember being up the night before our longline was due and going back and forth between about 10 different story ideas. Once I finally came up with an idea I was fixed on the other ideas I could have gone with, and if I had a made a mistake.

A ritual I would love to start developing is whenever I know I am going to be starting the creative process, starting to brainstorm early, and then each week cutting down my ideas from 10, to 5, to 3, and finally picking a topic that I feel the best about. But perhaps even more important than that is once I have my topic, having the confidence to stick with it. Investing into the idea, and not looking into the past and second guessing my decisions.

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