Hey its me, Emily.

Hi, I’m Emily Beaver. Yes my last name is an animal, yes it is kind of funny (at least to me). I have gotten more beaver related presents in my life than I could count, and my middle school gym teacher couldn’t tell my sisters and me apart so we all went by ‘The Beav’. I have completely accepted the last name as something that represents me, and my username in middle school for every platform of social media was beaverchick2. It doesn’t make too much sense, because I am the oldest and I don’t even like the number 2, but I thought that it flowed well so that’s just what it is.

Recently, I began to have a quarter-life crisis as I turned 21 on Tuesday (woo!) and realized that I really can be categorized as an adult now. Not that I consider myself an adult, but I am legally one. I looked at who I already was, and what I wanted to become. Mainly though, I wanted to continue to do things that made me smile and laugh. I never want to take life to seriously!


  • I’m a Junior at studying Communications, Digital Studies, and Writing
  • I am from Westhampton Beach, NY
  • I have twin sisters who are 14 months younger than me (Irish triplets according to my mom)
  • My dog just got ACL surgery (yes that’s right, I said my dog)
  • I was the tallest kid in my elementary school (5’2) and now the shortest of my friends (5’2)
  • I have watched Grey’s Anatomy 2 times fully through, and plan on starting again soon
  • I spend much of my day worrying about summer internships


‘Adult Me’ wants to:

  • Keep watching Grey’s Anatomy until I memorize the words (jk… but I’ll watch again for sure)
  • Have brunch once a week
  • Dance around my kitchen
  • Work hard enough that I am proud of myself but not hard enough that I become focused on my career and not my personal life
  • Keep my college and high school friends in my life besides just liking each other’s Facebook posts
  • Eat cake for breakfast sometimes
  • Buy my dream car
  • Live in NYC

Basically, I have a lot of things I want to do when I am older but I want to continue to be the fun loving person I am now. We’ll see, I’ve only been 21 for 2 full days now.

3 thoughts to “Hey its me, Emily.”

  1. Yup, this is me right now. I just turned 21 recently and experienced what can only be referred to a mini mid-life crisis. The summer internship grind is real and it’s something I honestly prefer not to think about ever. I think keeping your friends in your life is such a good goal as you get older, and it’s also a goal of mine.

  2. Emily, first of all, happy birthday! Second of all, I have a beaver sticker on my laptop that says “dam the patriarchy,” and I thought it was really punny when I bought it. Also, my best friend wants to name her first child “Beaver” and I’ve been discouraging here, but after reading that this choice could entail a lifetime of beaver-related presents I’m now wondering if I should stop trying to change her mind. Your “adult me” goals are so specific and thought out. I’ve never had my life together enough to think that far ahead so that’s pretty awesome that you know what you want from life. Cake for breakfast sometimes is a good thing to strive for.

  3. COMM MAJORS WOOOOO!!!!! I’m so happy you included a list of things you want to do, because I feel like that can say more about a person than simple descriptions (as discussed in class, “potatoes”). Also still in mourning from Grey’s, RIP

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