Intro: Controlled Chaos

I’ve had people tell me for years that I should consider blogging because I guess I have pretty obscure thoughts, a passion for ranting, and a mind full of keen insights on a wide range of topics. I always thought I would eventually take on blogging as a hobby when I unleashed my bubbling desire to express the more chaotic side of my mind to the public, whenever that would be. I never expected even a few months ago that I would be creating an e-portfolio, let alone blogging for a class assignment. And now I’ve been thrown into this situation of controlling your perception of me. Isn’t that what a blog is, really? You know nothing about me really and haven’t seen me outside the classroom or maybe on campus, and now I get the chance to say anything I can think of, while having a generous amount of time to contemplate how every word I write will influence your ideas about me. In reality there isn’t so much time to play a mental game of chess while I talk to people, but in this setting I’m in control. Oh, I guess that’s how writing a book is to from an author’s perspective. Well damn, there basically was no point in trying to up my level of wit to write this blog. Now I have to find a new direction to go with this. Hmm. I guess the easiest way to explain myself is with my personal slogan that guides my personality and my decisions:

“Controlled Chaos.”

Don’t be scared, I literally just came up with that on the spot. I mean, I know that is how I would describe myself but I just didn’t coin a cool name for it UNTIL NOW. Wow, blogging is really helping me organize my thoughts, even if it seems like to you that I’m all over the place with this. What that phrase refers to is my inclination to make random decisions and say and do spontaneous things, while also being hyper-aware about the impact my decisions and words have on me and those around me. I’m essentially a fine balance between extremely calculated and “WHAT THE HELL,” if such a balance exists. For example, if you were wondering why I applied to the writing minor, well so am I!

Before you get offended and curse me out for taking this spot from someone who was dying to be apart of this program, hear my story. Basically, I drank too much coffee one night in September and, in my caffinated state, thought it would be funny to do something spontaneous, like start another minor in something I never expected myself doing. Because making random decisions about my education and my future is somehow funny to me. That probably doesn’t help my case at all. In fact, I might sound reckless. However, even though my decision to apply was spontaneous and took 1 second to make, my decision to accept was very calculated. My other guiding mantra is “Be Everything.” I do not confine myself to stereotypes or a rigid sense of self. I don’t tell myself that I am not a numbers person or that I am not a “liberal arts kinda guy,” or that I am just naturally better at somethings and bad at somethings. I want to be every type of person in order to expose myself to the entire world and the diverse knowledge it holds rather than just limiting myself by assigning myself a label. I HATE LABELS. That’s why I accepted the Minor in Writing program. I can now proudly say that I am an Economics Major, with a Statistics AND Writing minor. I’m truly pursuing a complete education that almost taps into every area of academia. I’ve always known that I wanted to end up on Wall Street because I believe succeeding in finance requires an understanding of so many fields of work and aspects of society that its basically suited for the Renaissance Man (which I strive to be). I actually don’t even care about money, ironically. I just love the process of interdisciplinary thinking that it takes to make the money, which isn’t all that bad I guess. I have to think about the technical finances, social trends, political factors, psychology, science, and history in order to be good at my passion for investing. By adding the writing minor, I can truly challenge the stereotype that people that like finance scoff at the value of liberal arts degrees and the importance of artistic expression. And I can challenge the stereotype that liberal arts degrees are useless in modern times and have no concrete value in society. Well now that I’m done with the calculated part of this blog, I guess I can just do chaotic and messy lists all over for fun.

Things I can talk Endlessly About

Sports -> I basically follow every single sport and have played a bunch of organized sports. I am so obsessed with making sure that I am up-to-date with every sports league that I’m basically a sports and statistics encyclopedia.

Favorite Teams -> LA Lakers, Indianapolis Colts (don’t bother asking why), NY Yankees, FC Barcelona, NJ Devils, and obviously Michigan

Sports I’ve Played on an actual team -> Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball (for Michigan too), Frisbee.


TV Shows

  • House of Cards
  • LOST
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dexter
  • Black Mirrors
  • The Walking Dead
  • House
  • The Crown
  • Sherlock
  • Master of None (Rip Aziz’s Career)
  • The Office
  • Parks and Rec
  • Friends
  • Stranger Things
  • Narcos
  • Breaking Bad
  • American Vandal
  • Daredevil
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Bojack Horseman

Damn I have no life


MUSIC (the one area I have no diversity in because I can only stand Rap and R&B)

TOP 10 HIP HOP/R&B Artists of this Generation (always changing)

  1. Kanye West
  2. Drake
  3. Kendrick Lamar
  4. Travis Scott
  5. J Cole
  6. ASAP Rocky
  7. The Weeknd
  8. Migos
  9. Frank Ocean
  10. Lil Uzi Vert

Albums currently guiding my life

  • HUNCO JACK, JACK HUNCO – Travis Scott, Quavo
  • Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight – Travis Scott
  • LUV IS RAGE 2, – Lil Uzi Vert
  • Enter the 36 Chambers – Wu-Tang Clan
  • Cozy Tapes Vol. II – A$AP Mob
  • Trilogy – The Weeknd
  • More Life – Drake
  • Nothing Was the Same – Drake
  • Say Less – Roy Woods
  • War & Leisure – Miguel
  • Double Or Nothing – Big Sean, Metro Booming
  • Pressure – Jeezy
  • El Gato: The Human Ice Glacier – Gucci Mane
  • DAMN – Kendrick Lamar


Politics and Economics

  • There’s no list, unfortunately, but I had a great time making lists for some reason.
  • Anything political or related to markets is interesting to me


Basic Information

  • Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
  • Height: 5’8 on cloudy days, 6’2 on sunny days
  • Family: Mom, Dad, Two Sisters (31 and 35), and a Parrot that is now bilingual


2 thoughts to “Intro: Controlled Chaos”

  1. I think the reason I like your post so much is because I relate to it on so many levels. First being that I am also a finance and writing student, and love the diversity of thought required to manage and excel in both. So many of my friends tell me that I am always the ‘calm’ one and seem like I have my whole life together…that couldn’t be less true but I guess its because my life, just like yours, is a “controlled chaos.” I think its really interesting that even if I were to just read the lists, and not even your introductory paragraph, Id get a sense of the fact that you’re kind of all over the place. Your TV shows do not fall into a single genre, your music taste is very varied, and you have a parrot…thats bilingual. Overall, I think this is a great way to introduce yourself and really descriptive of your personality.

  2. I thought this blog post was a really nice start and I’m glad you were able to separate the calculated and serious, from the trivial. In my opinion, both were effective ways in shedding a light onto your character. Additionally — as was mentioned in my blog post — I think your aspiration of becoming a Renaissance man is really admirable (also a big fan of some of the shows and music you listed). Overall, great job!

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