intro: posting on blogs is scary

1. Listen
I’d say I’m a listener over a talker, and a writer over either.

2. gratitude

3. Words are dope

4. Patience is difficult and awesome

5. “Awesome” is probably an unprofessional adjective. So is “dope”. 

6. Speaking of professional, I need help with my LinkedIn so feel free to help me out.

7. Mistakes

I spend a lot of time editing mistakes at the Daily but I make a lot of them

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

9. fresh water beaches 

michigan girl through and through

10. Say sorry 

11. Be curious

12. Sweatpants never go out of style. Neither do libraries

13. It’s okay to be an outfit-repeater

14. Learn 
Chess, how to french braid, how to write dialogue, waterskiing

2 thoughts to “intro: posting on blogs is scary”

  1. wow, I completely relate to a lot of these lessons/things about you– I also want an Anthropologie-inspired home, always wear glasses (contacts suck), want to learn how to use LinkedIn and hope libraries/sweatpants never go out of style. It’s funny how we grew up so close to each other and never had the chance to get to know each other until now, but I’m glad that this is my formal introduction to you!

  2. Hi Emily,
    For someone who “doesn’t write” funny things, I thought this was pretty funny. I also think it describes you very well. Also, if you need help with LinkedIn I pride myself on my LinkedIn skills and can def help.
    – Delaney

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