Me, according to me. And some other people.

I have a complicated relationship with introductions. I like to meet new people, and as a result I often find myself going through the motions of an introduction. I think it’s a great concept, a necessary one, but I also feel like it’s a bit misleading. People who meet me usually get to know a few things right away— things like my majors (International Studies and Anthropology (for now)), where I’m from (Farmington Hills, MI), what I’m involved with on campus (The Michigan Daily, mostly, and a few other much smaller time commitments). But those are much more things that I associate myself with than things that are actually about me, and I think you guys deserve something more substantive.


Of course, when I sat down to write something more substantive, I realized it’s actually pretty difficult to write about yourself. So I decided to do some crowd-sourcing. I asked a few friends and family members to tell me some distinctive traits about myself.


From my freshman-year roommate:


  1. “You like orange.”

This is very true. Orange is far and above my favorite color, and in middle school I had one of my bedroom walls painted orange (just one, because my parents were concerned about the bright color affecting my sleep habits— I’m still waiting to see the research). My current bedspread is orange. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about it in class, when I pull out my orange laptop and place it next to my orange water bottle, but at the end of the day I’m not going to stop buying orange things because I love the color unconditionally.


From my current roommate:

  1. “You have a hard time staying awake during movies.”

Ok, I’m really just a victim of genetics here. I grew up in a household where there was no enforced bedtime and still everyone was asleep before 10pm. We’re and early-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of family, and even though I love watching movies and hanging out with my friends at night, I’m almost always the first one to fall asleep.


From my mom:

  1. “You live well in chaos (this is a nice way of saying you’re messy).”

Well, my mom is not WRONG (my former and current roommate both agreed with this one, funnily enough!) but if you ignore her translation, living well in chaos is a pretty good trait to have, right? Not a lot of things phase me, which definitely makes working as a news reporter easier. This is also probably a relevant place to mention something else important about myself: when I was 13, my family decided to go on a trip around the world. We traveled to 15 countries and my mom homeschooled my sisters and I for the year— it was definitely a year of chaos and it shaped a lot of who I am today (and, coincidentally, was my first experience with blogging).


So that’s me, I suppose. Me according to me, and also some other people.

2 thoughts to “Me, according to me. And some other people.”

  1. Hi Maya,

    I think it’s really creative how you asked other people to describe you, because our friends and family tend to know us better than me know ourselves. I also think its super cool that your family got to travel around the world and would love to hear more.

    – Delaney

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