Challenge Journal 1: Anxiety

At this point, I am eager to start writing and creating content for my project. Whenever I am just staring at a blank page, it is easy for me to get anxious about what my final product will look like. I feel like the decisions we are all making at this time in our proposals, and production plans are very important because they will influence what we spend the rest of the semester writing on. So it is easy to get stressed out when making them. Once I start writing and creating content I know I will feel more confident about my project and my idea, but for now, I am still second guessing myself sometimes.

Something that has me a little worried about my topic in making sure I bring in my own voice and don’t sound like I am repeating what others have already said. For my Capstone, I am writing about voting laws and how we make it difficult for different groups to vote in this country. While I have found many article, essays, and studies into the myth of voter fraud, which is something I plan on discussing, there did not seem to be much writing on the effects of this problem. I hope by diving into how this problem manifests in real life political outcomes and looking into who is implementing these laws will offer my piece a more comprehensive look at the issue. When writing about things others have written on extensively, it is a balancing act to include the important contributions to the conversation they have made and to incorporate your own ideas and unique perspective. I have navigated this challenge in the past and look forward navigating it again with this assignment. Mostly I just can’t wait to start writing and stop fixating on the blank page that is currently my capstone project.

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