Challenge Journal – Bogged Down

Hi, everyone!

To kick off this entry, I want to say that I really appreciate reading everyone’s posts regarding their struggles. I can’t comment on everyone’s, but it’s been incredibly encouraging to see that I’m not alone in my writing struggles 🙂

That being said, I will confess that I get incredibly bogged down by research. I feel I have a talent for seeing many perspectives of the same situation, information, etc., but I feel that can be a detriment to me with research. Though I’m incredibly interested and invested in my project topic, the more I research, the more overwhelmed I get. This shouldn’t be the case, but I suppose it’s a “the more I see, the less I know” kind of deal.

This leads me to confusion about where I fit in the narrative. How could I possibly know about all of the works that are out there? (I realize I’m not expected to really know this, but I can easily convince myself that I am.) Because of this concern, I begin to fret about what new information I’m giving, how seriously I can be taken elaborating on it, and even the general argument of my paper.

I can see this in almost every large writing assignment I’ve done through the stress at the research process versus stress after I’ve gathered most of my research. However, given the enormity of this project, I can see how the consistent collection of research will be a challenge for me. This is why I know the production plan and our regular peer critiques will be very helpful to ensure I’m staying on track with it.

To be honest, I can’t really say how to fix this overwhelmed feeling that researching gives me. I think I can work on forcing myself to write even if I don’t feel prepared in the research stage because, as we discussed in class, we will end up pitching quite a bit… Does anyone else relate?

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  1. Hi Lauren, I definitely relate. Even as I was just reading your blog, I felt a pit emerge in my stomach from that overwhelmed feeling you described. Researching stresses me out too. There is so much out there, how can we know when we have done enough? I feel like working on the writing and the researching simultaneously, like you mentioned, could help. Now that I think about it, no matter how much research I do prior to writing a paper, I always end up doing more while writing. I think that the process of writing may help reveal a clearer focus for the project and in doing so direct the research in a more effective way.

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