Challenge Journal 1: Boredom

So I may or may not have accidentally swapped hard drives with my darling mother before leaving for school. Which means that I may or may not just have a hard drive full of 8 years worth of family photos as opposed to my freshman and sophomore year writings and art pieces. Oops. Win some, lose most.

Anyway. I’d say that the thing that I struggle the most with in terms of writing is probably that I have zero motivation to write about things that I don’t care about. And it definitely shows. When I don’t care about something, the piece turns out bland and boring and I seriously feel for whichever poor professor had to read through it. This is such a long project that I’m definitely worried about losing steam midway, and I have to figure out ways to keep it fresh and exciting.

Right now, I’m pumped for this project. I’m an art student, and I think I’ve found a good happy medium between my writing and my art- I’m going to create a zine. Zines are basically just short magazines. They originally were made just because people wanted an economical (cheap af) way to get their ideas on paper. They’d use photocopiers and print as many copies as they could afford, fold them together, and hand them out to anyone who’d take them. Over the years, zines have become way more popular and less “the poor man’s magazine” and more a cool, trendy way to consolidate information.

I want to make my zine all about the word “right.” I love words that have dual meaning, and “right” has at least 3 solidly different definitions, which I find fascinating. My zine will include personal narratives, interviews with people about their opinions on the definition(s) of the word, illustrations, and whatever else I feel like throwing in there. I’m really truly hoping that this jumble of ideas will keep my brain happy and satisfied throughout the semester. So far, so good.

Due to the switch-up of the hard drives, I don’t have many examples of brutally boring pieces I’ve written in the past, maybe to all of our best interests. I guess you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that when I’m told to write a piece on something that I do not have an opinion on or when I feel forced into writing something a certain way/ for a certain topic I don’t care about, the final product is definitely sub-par.

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