Challenge Journal 1: Procrastination and other things

As you can probably guess by the timing of this post, I have a procrastination problem. Unfortunately, I had to go home for a family emergency this weekend. So I allotted a half hour to write this post after I landed at 9 p.m. tonight. Then I got stuck in standstill traffic on the highway for an hour and a half. Anyway, sorry that this is late.

Typically, I do my best work when I’m under a deadline. I think it’s a habit I’ve developed from working at the Daily for so long. In the case of this project, I think that’s a blessing and a curse. I’ll have self-imposed deadlines, but it’s a little different given that it’s not one singular piece of work that I can produce easily before it’s due. Regardless, I think it’s an obstacle I envision working itself out pretty easily once I get into the flow of things.

But going back to the Daily, I think another obstacle I’m facing is changing my voice as a writer. I’ve written longform stuff before, (like this: but the tone of writing a sports feature is so much different than the first-person work I’m trying to produce for the Capstone. I’ve been able to produce first-person narratives before in English classes and in the Gateway, but it always feels twice as exhausting to write and edit. I guess that goes back to Ray’s point, that we’ll be throwing away a lot of the stuff that we right.

But on a more optimistic note: I will say that writing in first-person always seems to be the most-rewarding work I do, probably because it does take so much time to get right. So while it will probably be tough to nail down, it’s a pretty exciting challenge to be undertaking after not doing it for a long time.

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