Challenge Journal #2

Currently, I’m struggling with the idea of genre and how big and important that feels in comparison to the content I’m writing about. For my project, I’m writing about the lack of generalizability/replicability/representation in psychology research, which calls into question the credibility of it all. Coming up with a genre, then, feels like a very weighty part of my project, in large part because I want to be perceived as a really credible source so that people trust what I’m saying. It’s also hard because I am coming from within the field, but right now I think I sound like I’m attacking psychology, which isn’t the case at all.

Another part of my project will be about how the general population can consume psych research in a more realistic way. I recently decided that this means I will perhaps tackle two genres in my project. Or, rather, I will tackle one, and add an infographic or multimedia piece of some sort.

At the moment, this all feels very daunting. Not only do I have grand plans to write a full-blown research-laden journalism expose, but I also plan on somehow making a hashtag relatable infographic that takes my main points from the essay and spits them out into a digestible piece for readers with little to no background knowledge. Although I’m approaching this as if it’s some huge mountain to climb, I realized that this will be somewhat similar to the process of my gateway repurposing and remediating. For my repurposing, I wrote a comparative analysis. For my remediation, I created three different posters with a similar comparative perspective using Photoshop. I just realized this recently, and it makes me feel a lot more confident about making another multimedia piece for this capstone project. I’m hoping that I can translate this positive energy into my project once I actually start creating it.

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