Challenge Journal: Passion and Why I Write

As I began brainstorming ideas for my capstone project, I had trouble locating a topic that I wanted to write about. I’ve spent a lot of time writing about Michigan and sports in the past and figured that in order to challenge myself, I would need to write about something I’ve never written about. I examined the important things in my life and identified which topic I had never written about: relationships and love. Great idea, Ashley, you’re challenging yourself and trying something new.

Well, not exactly. The more I narrowed my genre for relationships/love and explained the idea to my professor and peers, the less enthused I felt. I certainly wasn’t married to the idea of writing about it (yes, that was an intended pun). So, I sat at my computer and did what I always do in times of desperation: I stalked every capstone website and searched for clues as to what I should be writing about. I found some great pieces that sparked my interest, but what spoke to me the most was my “Why I Write” piece from the gateway.

I write because of a football coach. I write because the first sentence of the first book I picked up by Bo Schembechler read, “let’s start with first things first: passion…you need to find something you really love to do, because otherwise you’re going to hate it.” As simple as it sounds, passion is what was lacking in my original idea. Looking back to my essay, I realized that I needed to choose something I was passionate about.

So I chose sports. But Ashley, you’ve already written about sports many times. I know, I know. But writing about sports and my experiences with them gets me excited to write — it’s my passion. So, I set out to find a way to write about sports that I haven’t conquered before: a blog about women in the sports industry. I plan to have this blog encompass my experiences as well as experiences from other women whom I look up to in the sports world.

I’ll admit that I’m nervous and not entirely sure what the final product is going to look like. I am worried that I won’t have enough time to make this into what I want it to be. But, if I’m writing about something I’m truly passionate about, I know that it will be something great in the end.

One thought to “Challenge Journal: Passion and Why I Write”

  1. Hey Ashley,
    I’m really glad to hear that you have decided upon a capstone project that you are passionate about! Even though this project will revolve around similar topic ideas you’ve written about in the past, it’s great that you are still diversifying by exploring it through another medium or genre (in this case, a blog). It somewhat reminds me of an assignment I had for the introductory class in the minor, where we were supposed to utilize the same topic for a previous project but construct it through a different medium (the repurposing project, if I’m not mistaken). I’m happy you decided to repurpose your passion in such a way, it really highlights the creativity you have as a writer and draws back some things you learned through said introductory class. However, that does leave me curious; is there a particular reason why you decided upon creating a blog about this topic as opposed to another medium? If so, what is that reason? Is it more effective in conveying your message as opposed to a multimodal medium? These are not necessarily questions you have to respond to, but it might be worth considering as you delve further into your project.

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