Challenge Post Two: How to Ask for Help?

I recently was in a truly dreadful situation: parallel parking. I live in a suburban town of New Jersey, and I honestly did not have to parallel park until I came to Michigan. So, I’m sitting there attempting to align my mirrors, cut the wheel at the right second, and then manage to get close enough to the curb of the road.

This is my personal hell.

But, as I’m parking, people are walking by. I thought in my head, should I ask them for help? Instead, I kept trying to park, and I finally did it on the fourth try.

This made me think about my writing because, why is it so hard to solicit help?

My text example comes from another English 225 essay:

“Edward P. Jones’ short story, “Lost in the City,” takes place in the metropolitan city of Washington D.C. and follows the trajectory of a family as they search for their daughter who has gone missing. Further, there is an apparent connection between this work and Richard Florsheim’s piece “Harbor City,” which provides an in-depth view of a part of the city of Los Angeles through a black-and-white gradient lithograph. In very contrasting ways, Jones’ and Florhseim’s pieces question if the infrastructure and institutions that make up the grand scale of cities is too great to accommodate to the desires and needs of individuals.”

I distinctly remember writing this part in the introduction and basically doing a hail mary. I had to compare an art work with an essay we had read in class, and I just could not make the connection. I could not see how art could relate to a short story, and this essay ended up being a huge mess. There was no focus, but for some reason I could not just say to my teacher: I can’t do it. I need help.

A part of me thinks that everyone wants to seem like an “expert.” I knew I was a shitty parallel parker, but asking for help is the first step to admitting. But, why should I be ashamed? Not everyone is perfect at everything.

I’m encountering this problem in my capstone project already. I know that I need to ask for help in photoshop, but I don’t want to waste people’s time. My project requires a fairly heavy visual component because of the content, and I think the best projects have an equal balance of visual and text. I had this same problem in gateway. I was developing a comic, and I knew there was a better way to do it, I just didn’t want to ask people for help to do it.

Have we entered an age where people are so self-absorbed where favors are considered extremely burdensome? Or is this all in my head? Is it a combination? Do I just need to find the right person?

For people with similar situations, what do you suggest I do if I need help in photoshop and graphics? Is there somewhere on campus? Is there helpful “how-tos” on the internet? Or should I just attempt to do it myself?

YES, I am asking for help. I need a buddy the elf.

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