Challenge Journal – I can’t write trash

I don’t mean to say that none of my work is bad because (surprise) I have authored some very poorly executed pieces. My problem is that I take an incredibly long time to write because I want it to sound good as soon as I articulate it. To clarify, I can create an outline with general points I want to make, but I struggle to create real content that is not overly contemplated before being written.

I suppose some part of me is worried that I will come back to revise it and say, “Wow, this is a terrible point; I should just eliminate it” because I don’t see the idea’s potential due to the poor wording. I’m also worried that it will just take too long to go back and reword everything I’ve put down. However, my inability to write without thinking it through is inhibiting my ability to get all my ideas down before they leave my memory. I would also assume it prevents me from coming up with more ideas because I’m so focused on articulating it well that my brain doesn’t have the freedom to wander to other related ideas that could be beneficial to include.

This really shouldn’t be an issue because I end up rewording a lot of the things I put time into, and I have certainly turned in assignments of which I was not proud.

I’m not entirely sure how to fix this other than being aware of it and just writing. It has seemed to help me a bit to keep multiple documents so I can separate my contemplated content from my first draft content. That way, I feel less stressed about generating first draft content because it’s kept separate from my “good” content.

I’m not sure if this says that I’m an overthinker or daunted by the idea of writing things more than once. Probably both.

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