Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

I’m a planner. From our reading of Tharpe’s 7th chapter, I definitely fall into her ‘trap’ of perfectionism and overthinking structure to different degrees. My writing process always begins with a skeletal outline where I know exactly what I’ll be saying. I’ll have every quote pulled out, all ideas strung together in a logical way, a proofread thesis and organization. My outlines are never super detailed for the exact reason that I need the outline in the first place, I don’t know what I’ll be saying until I’ve thought through everything.

However, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a way to outline the capstone project. My project will be centered around a commemorative video of my a cappella group that I’ll be playing at the concert right before we sing a song that I arranged and am teaching to the group. The first challenge is that I have very little experience making videos. How do I know what to include or not? What’s the best way to tell the story I want to tell in this medium to this (literal) audience?

For this piece, I looked back at my Remediation Project from the gateway because that was the first video project I’ve attempted at that point and since. I got a few pointers: go in knowing the script, and orient the visual to the audio. My problem is that I’ll be collecting the audio up until the concert and, by virtue of it being an a cappella group with loads of videos, there’s sooo much visual and additional audio I have access to. As Tharpe says, “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they give unlimited resources,” (129). Does anyone have any tips on how to narrow down visual material and how to create a script that is always evolving as I get more material? Or is the script -> visual not the right approach in the first place?

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