The Solutions Journalism Network (for when you need some proof of problem-solving)

Hi everyone! I wanted to follow up on Ray’s comments about the way that we often read the news, think-pieces, books, etc. for clarity, but we only learn how to understand the problems, and rarely think critically about potential solutions. I’m currently a Story Fellow at The Solutions Journalism Network and that’s a lot of the work they’re doing right now!

Their entire mission is to promote “rigorous reporting on responses to social problems. [They] seek to rebalance the news, so that every day people are exposed to stories that help them understand problems and challenges, and stories that show potential ways to respond.”

Some of the stories I read that stuck out are this one about algorithms that can aggregate information from separate databases to better assess risk of child abuse and this fun one about using zebra costumes to shame people into following traffic rules.

They have a StoryTracker database of solutions-based journalism that is fully searchable — you can search for solutions through location, issue area, success factor, and a lot more. It’s super cool and I’d love if you all would check it out!

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