Freeze this moment.

If I were to freeze myself, or my brain, or my typing fingers, or my hand with a pen in it and put it in a time capsule there’s a few main facets of who I am as a writer that would stand out to future earthlings.

  1. Writer=creator. Coming out of my experiment where I created a dance from a piece of writing, I have begun to equate these two words more than I have in the past. In creating and performing my dance, I’m sort of doing the same thing I would if I were to be writing, say, a research essay. I did preliminary research/work/preparation, I created an outline and a vision, a purpose, a message, and I made a product to be revised and polished. The thing with dance, though, as opposed to writing, is that I can’t just look in a thesaurus and nail my message into the audience’s heads with new ways of wording an abstract point. And as much of an exciting challenge that is to rely on movement to relay a message, I sort of miss that about physical writing. Every so often, I think I have something important to say, and the best way I know how to do that as of now is through words.
  2. As a physical pen-to-paper writer, I’m casual… with a purpose. I like to create a conversation with my audience because I am learning to make my pieces sort of a conversation with myself too, when appropriate, and stopping myself from going in with a lesson. I am finding such joy in realizing my message as I write, in not needing to plan, and in finding passion even when I didn’t think any was there.
  3. I’ve learned in the past year more than ever that writing is therapy. Doing writing, reading writing, it’s all good for the muddled, angry, scared, inspired brain. Sometimes it feels good to scribble your emotions down, letting tears drip down onto your page. Sometimes it feels good to list everything you love about life. Sometimes it feels good to list everything you hate. Do what you need to do, but do it in writing. In the last year, I’ve written through serious injury, terror, grief, and betrayal. And I’ve come out the other side. I’ve also written through love, bliss, inspiration, and excitement. And I’m that much happier.

I guess right now as a writer, I’m basking in the sheer power of writing as I explore and learn more about it. After all, this is only the gateway.

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