What’s Next

The Big Picture 

I plan for my final project to be based off of my experiment 2 in which I wrote a poem about my experience going to a predominantly white elementary school and how that affected me, however I am also going to be using my experiment 1 and using that to write one of my poems. When I am finished with my project, I will have 3-4 poems describing important events in my life as well as the lives of others. The goal is to write my poems in a way that is abstract, yet easy to understand. I hope that people that read the pieces will feel like they were there in the moment, or at least leave with a better understanding of how it might have felt going through those different experiences.

Why I am Choosing it

I am choosing experiment 2 as my final project because I feel like although I like my experiment 1 idea which was to write up short entries about other people’s experiences as if it were them speaking, I do not get to put enough of myself into that. In the project I chose to do, I get to write about my own experiences as well as others, but in a way that is based off of my creative ideas.

First Steps

My first steps will be finishing the poem I wrote for experiment 2 and then going back and looking at the topics I had for my other experiments as well as others I have not yet explored. My sketch will help me because although I do not have my poems completely thought out, I have ideas for topics that are worth writing about. From that, I can think about what things I want to highlight and how I can go about that in an abstract way.

What I am Looking Forward to

I am looking forward to sitting down and writing my poems because I find it fun to play around with words and to use them in a way that expresses different issues. I can’t wait until I have a finished product and can go back and look at an organized and attractive portfolio with all of my work in it.

My concerns are that it will be to difficult to write about experiences based off of a restricting poetry format. It would be easy to write all free verses, but I think I want to challenge myself to write at least one poem that is not so flexible in terms of form.

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