Where do I go from here?

For my final project, I am continuing with experiment #3. It took me a while to come up with the title of my project, but I decided on “Where do I go from here?” Now, I find myself asking the same question about this project. What do I do next? How do I do it? When should I do it? Where do I go from here? Thinking about all of this has me like………



The goal of this project is to shed light on the unknown, inner experiences of those who have been victims of sexual assault. To do this, I am focusing on the aftermath. How do they cope with the trauma? The project is a photo essay that focuses on objects of comfort. I asked survivors to come up with an object or activity that was significant to their healing process, along with a quote about their journey and said object. For my experiment, I had six participants. For the final project, I am hoping to have 15-20. I chose to continue on with this experiment because I feel like it has had the most impact on me. While working on this project, I have felt empowered. Being able to facilitate a safe place for survivors to share their story, and hearing them say that it was therapeutic for them, was incredible. Because most of the work is behind the scenes (seeking out participants, meeting with them, taking the pictures, etc), the sketch will be very helpful. I already have the questionnaire written out for those who wan’t to participate, and I’m following the same structure for each one. First steps will be to reach out to more campus organizations to increase the number of participants. I’m hoping to end up with 15-20. I’m really looking forward to seeing my final project laid out in blog format on my e-portfolio. I think that the presentation of this piece will have a big impact on the effect it will have on viewers, so to see it in it’s final form will be very rewarding. As for concerns, I’m worried about getting more participants. It was very easy to find the first couple of participants because I know a lot of them. However, people are not always quick to share on such a sensitive topic with a stranger.

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