Most Extreme Consequences/ Implications

Hi, everyone! After thinking a bit about what Ray asked us on Monday, I’ve come up with a few extreme consequences/implications of the project I’m working on.

One thing I brought up to Ray a couple weeks ago is that I was nervous that people might think I am writing to divulge the nefarious nature of fashion. Though many components of the classic American style are derived from some form of narcissism or pride, I am not arguing that it is bad. This is a difficult and important balance to strike. Similarly, I do not want my readers to think that it is bad themselves.

My other concern is that I do not want my audience to assume that I’m implying that particular values are inherent in all Americans. I suppose between these two concerns, I am worried about a generality problem. This will hopefully be avoided if I get my phrasing right, but I also do not want to do too much qualifying, as I don’t want to take away from the perceived validity of the work.

One thought to “Most Extreme Consequences/ Implications”

  1. Lauren,

    As one of your content peer-reviewers, I have to say you have done a good job talking about how you want to avoid generalizing about all of America. I would say, just every once in a while stop for a second and think if you have addressed these two topics. I think it’ll keep you on track!


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