So I’m Having Design Problems

My eyes may actually fall out of my head if I continue to stare at my website. Each time I log on, I see something else that I could make better, and I spend my time messing with each element. I keep telling myself to put what I’ve done so far on the back burner and charge ahead, but it’s difficult to do when I’m confronted with what I’ve done every time I go try to do something.

I don’t think I’ve encountered this particular challenge before, because it’s easy to ignore large chunks of text in a paper. My attention isn’t drawn to any place I don’t want it to go. But when I think about how I edit large papers, I notice that I do all my edits at once, one at a time.  I go through prose with a fine tooth comb and make my tenses consistent. Then I fix commas. Then I make each passive sentence active. So on and so on.

While it’s difficult to ignore design elements when they’re staring me in the face, I want to implement this one-by-one editing process into my site. If I notice something as I’m scrolling down to create more content, I’ll write it down. Then I’ll have a list of things I want to change, and, later, I’ll be able to go through them, one-by-one, and make sure that all of my elements are consistent.

I’ve also been ignoring text edits as of late, so once I hit another content benchmark, I want to focus on those. I’ve been looking up some tips, so hopefully something helps and my prose will become more appropriate for the web.


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