Time Capsule

When I first thought about myself as a writer, all I could think about was how I’ve come so far, but still have so much to learn. So, I guess that means I’m making progress. But, in it’s most concrete form, the word progress implies that there is an end. A destination. “Forward or onward movement towards a destination.” When I write, though, there is no end in sight. Every time I look back at something that I’ve written, I find something I could change. It’s a never ending cycle of thinking that you’ve reached your destination, only to realize that you have so much further to go. So, as a writer i’m not progressing, i’m just doing. And the more I do, the better I get. I write. I edit. I make changes. I accept that i’ll never be perfect, and that’s okay because nobody is. I’ll keep moving forward and pushing myself because when there is no destination, the possibilities are endless.┬áSo, for now i’ll just keep doing.

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