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How do you decide what’s interesting about you? A writing problem I’m encountering right now is how to create the “About Me” section of my website. There are two factors to consider: format and content. 

For format, I was thinking of mirroring how the rest of my site is set up. I’m writing about how influencers build a brand for themselves online, and each influencer has a section set up with their name, their @, and then below that the writing. I include pictures from their Instagram, relevant videos, quotes etc. For my section I am considering setting it up the same way, but there definitely isn’t as much to write about myself. I am nowhere near an influencer so wouldn’t want to come off as if I’m pretending I am. For content, I don’t know what to focus on. Do I talk about my major and what I’ve learned in classes? How I spend my free time? Where I grew up? My media consumption habits? What and who influences me?  

To get some inspiration I went back to my gateway website to see what my About Me page looked like there. I talked about my upbringing and my career aspirations but it was very surface level information that anyone could use as a fill-in-the-blank template. It didn’t explain to the readers why it made sense that I was writing what I did, so I think I’m going to steer away from that. The capstone is much more unified in theme than the gateway so this allows me to create an About Me more tailored to the project. To bring it back to my first question, just need to figure out what’s most relevant and interesting about me to share.

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  1. Hi Elana!

    Trying to figure out what to say about oneself I feel like is a problem a number of us can relate to. Being young and not having done anything that we might consider spectacular makes it feel as though there’s nothing to write about.

    Although your classes and major may have influenced your project, and probably have shaped your thinking, unless there’s a strong correlation, it might not be the area I would choose to focus on. What are you passionate about? If you were an influencer, what would you want to focus on? What would your brand be? I love the idea of including your personal social media and pictures, providing insight into who you are, even if it isn’t necessarily groundbreaking material. To me, the influencers haven’t done anything amazing, and probably have stared at their screens in the same way, trying to figure out what people would care about.

    Something that helped me was thinking about what I told people when I was telling them about my Capstone project. Think about what you say when someone asks why you chose your project.

    Hopefully this helps!!

    Good luck ☺


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