Adding a Script onto a Website

As we near the end of the semester, I am faced with the challenge of beginning to actually create a website for my capstone project. I have been putting off this aspect of the project up until now because I feel that the core of my project is going to be the writing – the script – rather than the website itself. However, after talking with Shelley and some of my group members I am getting some ideas for how to add my script onto a site in an interactive fashion.

However it is still definitely a challenge. The last time I had this problem was the gateway class where we also created websites. I remember being stuck for a while in that class, not knowing how to present my writing, or where to put each piece. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make it something meaningful. Ultimately, I was able to take ideas from my teacher at the time, Ray, my classmates, and outside sources of inspiration to make a creative site that worked. One idea for instance that I was able to apply was playing the song I was writing about, A Day In The Life, as you opened the site and read the intro on the Beatles, myself, and my project.

Some ideas that I have gotten / come up with myself thus far for this project consists of creating a “kindle type” format for my script where the reader can click onto the next page as opposed to continuously scrolling down. Also, coming up with my “dream cast” for the script. As well as having an introduction page that speaks to my process as a whole.

If anyone has ideas, or ways to utilize Wix that might be helpful for this type of project, let me know!

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  1. Hi Oliver!
    I too kindof came into this project with the feeling that the core of it was the writing, and the website was only secondary. But as I started playing around with Wix I realized that there are SO many features on there that can really enhance the writing. For example I’m inserting videos and pictures, using special symbols for quotes, adding external links etc. Sure the project itself isn’t the website, but that’s the way through which people will be experiencing your project so it does play a big role.

    For a script I like your idea of mimicking a kindle book so it’s more of a “reading” experience than a scrolling through a website experience. There are also sites like where you can make a magazine of sorts, which I’m sure you can format however you want, and then you could embed that into your site. Or, on Wix you can add buttons so that readers can just click a button to be taken to the next page as if it were a chronological book.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Hi Oliver!

    Creating a website can definitely be a daunting task, especially when you have already spent so much time working with your capstone project. For me, anything in the writing process always comes with an outline. I have to outline my work beforehand to get my creativity going and then I can jump in and fill in the bigger parts. Do you outline? Even if you do, I have realized the more time I have spent outline makes the rest of the process go more smoothly. This is something you can try if you wish.

    This is exactly how I approached my site. I chose to do mine on Wix. After choosing a theme there were multiple tabs that came up to mark separate pages. I filled those in with topics such as “About me” and one page that provides a brief bio about each of the respondents for my podcast. Your version of a brief bio page could even be the dream cast tab that you mentioned.

    My overall goal is to make sure the audience has all of the needed knowledge to most beneficially listen to my podcast. I tell them the information I feel like they need to know and then offer up my project, the podcast. I think you can do a similar set up, if you so choose. What are your goals for this project? This may help in outlining to see if they are coming across.

    I want to say that I really like your idea about setting up your script. Along with this I am really excited to read the script and see what comes of your site!


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