Advice for the Future Gateways

Advice for the Future Minor in Writing Students

1. Take T for the Gateway ;).

Actually, all of the professors are amazing in the minor in writing. I just have a preference because I had T!

2. Make sure to meet and befriend people in your class.

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You may be sharing some personal thoughts and work during the class. Getting to know the people in your class will allow you to create a more comfortable space for you, and probably them to share. Plus these people might be taking the same requirements with you in the future. We will know that there are a lot of benefits to knowing someone in your class: someone to sit next by and for when you forget to write down the homework.

3. Speaking of forgetting, do your drafts and blog posts!

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I always say that I work better under pressure so I do things last minute. I really don’t so don’t be me. The professors do a really amazing job of scheduling drafts in advance of the due date. This allows for the low-stress creation of your projects and experiments.

4. Participate, Participate, Participate.

You will gain a lot more from the class if you participate. You will also get to meet more of your classmates (advice point #2) and learn more about yourself as a writer. If you need a second look at any of your pieces/experiments/projects, volunteer for a workshop. It might seem intimidating but your classmates are nice and beautiful people so their feedback will be constructive. As cliche as it is, having a second pair of eyes, or eighteen pairs of eyes, on your project will be beneficial for the editing and revising processes.

(P.S. Read your daily prompt writings in your writer’s notebook. The professors love it and it will also help your classmates feel comfortable to share also)

5. Pick a topic for your experiment that you really enjoy.

You will be working on these pieces for a few months so make sure you feel that you can create three separate, equally amazing pieces. I fell in love with my third experiment, which I followed into my final project (and hopefully my capstone project). I wish the same excitement for you!

Enjoy the class and the minor in writing! We are excited for you to join us!


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