I’m happy to finally say ahnnyeong to this project! To be honest, I don’t love it. It feels incomplete, rambley, and navel-gazey. It was so hard choosing what to include and what to leave out, because everything is so connected. I’m still unsure of what it can do for others.

But it did help me. With five days of college left, thinking through the different communities of my life made me appreciate the experiences I’ve had and the people that have been around me. I went into the project with the question of what I was looking for in a community and whether I’m finding it in my current ones. I didn’t fully answer that question, but writing about my friends and circles made me appreciate them more for their roles in my life and just for who they are.

I don’t know if my experience is too niche to serve others, but I hope that the broader messages will resonate with people. And I hope to continue my journey of self-discovery and spending time with quality people.

Cheers to being done!

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  1. Hey Minji,

    I feel the same way about being done with my capstone as well. I’m happy to be done. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Like you said, I think my topic was of very specific interest to me. I don’t know how much my capstone can help other people, I think it was more about helping myself (that sounds so cheesy). Is there anything you would have done differently looking back? Assuming I picked a different topic altogether, I’m not sure there really is anything I would have changed about my project. At the end of it all, I don’t know that it necessarily NEEDS to help other people, so long as you benefitted from it, ya know?

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