Being Vulnerable

A short story, a photo essay, and an acoustic song walk into a bar…

“Hey! I know them!” Ingrid says.

“Yeah yeah, we get it. You technically own us. You created us, quit talking and writing about it all the time.” Says the short story.


Anyway, for my three experiment I did in fact create a short story, a photo essay, and an acoustic song. These experiments have expanded my idea of what writing can be used for. They push me out of my go-to writing styles and introduced me to genres. I first wrote a short story, and this incentives me to read a beautiful short called “Cat Person”.

This short showed me how writing can be whatever you want it to be. It can be relatable, it can bring the ordinary to life, it can be about the life of an everyday college girl and still be beautifully written and life changing.


Doing the photo essay taught me about candidness, how to take photos that are organic, that speak for themselves. I learned about how the order of a photo essay means so much for how it is viewed by people. Through these experiments I now understand that I like to try new things. I always knew this as a general fact about me, but I didn’t think it applied to me as a writer/artist. But every time I was confronted with a new experiment I chose to try something I had never tried before. I am so happy I used this class as a change to get out of my comfort zone. Academia can really confine students to do what will ensure them a “good grade” which often means sticking to what has already been proven affective. But in this class, we are pushed to try things that might fail, to scare ourselves with our experiments, and to be vulnerable.

I just want to thank T for always encouraging me throughout this process! Thank you thank you!

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