Challenge Journal 3: Tricky Wix

I used Wix to build the website for my Gateway e-portfolio and I am using it again to build my final project, which is a collection of essays. Wix worked well for me for my Gateway, but afterward there were small, nitpick-y things I wish I’d done differently, there were boxes that weren’t exactly even, just this and that that made me feel not quite satisfied. I’m someone who wishes she had an eye for design; I can appreciate aesthetically pleasing things and I love to look at artsy websites, but I’m not really sure how to recreate them. I don’t know how to take something that’s in my head and put it on the screen; I’m not even sure, really, how to turn it into a clear vision in my head. And Wix is about as user-friendly as a site-making app could be, so I might be doomed.

It’s interesting having my project live on a site. It was a little different for my e-portfolio, because the site felt more like a host to a thing that existed elsewhere and not like it was part of my projects. But for the capstone final, the site is an important part of my project. I feel extra pressure to make it look just how I want it to, to turn it into something permanent that I’m happy with. I want my site to complement my writing and vice versa. Having that added element is a challenge, but not a bad one. It encourages me to consider more than just my writing, which I think is important. I can’t really think of a writing project that would exist in a vacuum, uninfluenced by any other elements of design. I think it’s good practice to have to think about about my project in a greater context, to think about the other components that come in to play and establish a mood for my audience. I know what my project is, but my website is a way to welcome others into my project and set them up to read my work.

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