Challenge Journal 4

The capstone project was my first attempt at writing fiction. As I write about in my “About the Author” page, I am very used to writing about real, concrete things, be it my experiences, opinions or political data. When writing about personal experiences, you must make decisions about what to include. The author gets to decide what details to highlight, explain further and what characteristics of people to include. When explaining factual information, the author must be sure they are giving enough context that it will make sense to the readers.

When it comes to realistic fiction the authors’ choices are completely different. Rather than deciding what to include, the author is in charge of entirely creating these characters. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to write fiction. The author must be able to fully picture a scene, accurately describe it and also know what the audience will take away from it based on their opinion, not on experience.

I had a lot of trouble deciding how to end the piece. I had to think of something that would feel like closure for the audience, while also being realistic and not cheesy. I looked online at some open forums for inspiration, but found this part the hardest to think of. I needed the audience to be satisfied and feel like the story was over, while not introducing any new ideas or characters. I had to constantly re-read what I had already written to be sure that the ending was consistent.

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